Israeli leader criticizes upcoming UN report on Gaza war

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday criticized an upcoming United Nations report into last yearand’s war in the Gaza Strip, calling it a waste of time.
Instead, he said an in-depth Israeli report – and another unofficial report compiled by a group of retired Western generals – show andquotthe truthandquot behind the fighting. Both documents say Israel did its utmost to avoid civilian casualties and said Gazaand’s Islamic Hamas rulers deliberately attacked Israeli civilians while using their own people as human shields.
andquotThose who want to know the truth should read this report and read the report of the top generals,andquot Netanyahu told his Cabinet. andquotWhoever wants a baseless, automatic accusation against Israel can waste their time reading the UN report. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to protect our soldiers and they will continue to protect us.andquot Over 2,200 Palestinians, including hundreds of civilians, were killed, while 73 people died on the Israeli side.
Israel claims Gazaand’s Hamas rulers are responsible for the civilian casualties because it launched attacks from residential areas. Palestinians have said that the Israeli army violated the rules of war, which include giving adequate warning to civilians, using proportionate force and distinguishing between civilians and combatants.
The UN Human Rights Counciland’s report is expected to be released this week. In anticipation, Israel prepared a report it says proves Hamasand’ andquotcriminal intentionsandquot and exonerates Israel of the war crimes allegations against it.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman