Israel violent Gaza campaign continue

GAZZE (CIHAN)- As Israel’s bloody and indiscriminate Gaza campaign has been continuing since 16 days, violent attacks which Israel is carrying out with all elements of its army claiming at least 718 lives while 75 per-sent of them are civilians.

According to sources, 33 Israeli soldiers also were killed in clashes with resistance forces of Gaza.

Meanwhile, missiles that were fired from Gaza targeting Israel, killed two Israelis and Thai worker.

On Thursday morning, six members of a family including an eighteen month- old infant were killed during Israeli shelling targeting Jabalia refugee camp.

Reportedly, borderline clashes between Israeli armed forces and Resistance Forces of Gaza are still continuing. Israeli war-ships hit Gaza shores with more than 100 missiles on Thursday. Due to concentrated fire, rescue and healthcare teams can’t enter to the areas close to the borderline.

On the other hand, attempts world countries trying to convince both countries for a ceasefire have not resulted positively yet. Palestine’s Hamas party declared that they will not accept any truce with Israel until the blockades by Israel and Egypt will not be removed.