ISIL holds show of force in fallen Turkmen villages

KERKuK (CIHAN)- Militants of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) held a ‘show of force’ in Turkmen villages after invading there in a lightning speed. Making a long vehicle convoy, ISIL militants has toured around occupied Turkmen village of Yenice, 45 km south of oil rich Kirkuk city.
Waving ISIL flags and chanting as “God is the greatest”, militants held a show of strength.

Meanwhile, The ISIL-led militants seized control of the town of Sinjar near the city of Mosul on Sunday after fierce clashes, which saw Kurdish Peshmerga forces withdraw from the region they had protected since insurgents overran Mosul and surrounding localities in June.

According to the Iraqi authorities that at least 500 people from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority have been killed by the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq.