Iraq proceding gang fights against ISIL instead of an organized war, Salihi

KIRKUK: Iraqi Turkmen Front President Ersad Salihi called central government to assign Turkmen national officers to their own regions in fight against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Making a press statement at his office in Kirkuk, Salihi claimed that Iraqi authorities preceding gang fights against ISIL instead of an organized war.

“Everyone knows his own territory better. So we demand officials to let Turkmen officers to give their service at their own regions in and around Kirkuk,” Iraqi Turkmen Front President underscored.

Salihi also stated that Iraqi central government did not keep their words that they gave to Turkmen community of the country. Turkmen leader also claimed that due to diplomatic problems between Turkey and Iraqi central government, Turkmen people is being kept out from some vital duties in their own lands.

“Central government should know this; we are Turks but we are not citizens of Turkey. We are citizens of Iraq. They should not make Turkmen people to pay a prize for problems between official Ankara and Baghdad,” Salihi said.