Iran recognizes territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan – deputy FM

Baku: On May 4, Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli met with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Rahimpour as a part of his visit to Iran, the State Committee said on May 5.

Gurbanli gave information about the meeting he held during the visit and stressed the importance of further development of religious cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran due to the geopolitical situation in the region.

Speaking about religion-state relations in Azerbaijan, the committee chairman said that it is possible to train a high level of religious personnel and exchange experiences through the cooperation in this field.

Rahimpour said Iran is always ready for religious cooperation with Azerbaijan, adding that official Tehran is taking steps to prevent the attempts of radical groups.

Speaking about the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, the deputy FM said that there is no problem between the two countries that can’t be solved.

The deputy minister noted that Iran recognizes and respects territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Iran Javanshir Akhundov attended the meeting.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency