Iran had no role in Nardaran events – embassy

Baku: Iran had played no role in Nardaran’s events, the embassy said on Dec.1.

“Iran has never pursued the aim to interfere in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs,” the statement said. “Iran has played no role in Nardaran events. Iran has always wanted stability and tranquility in the friendly countries. The country is principally against solving the problems by using violence. There is no doubt that if the Azerbaijani official bodies present any evidence about Iran’s interference in the country’s internal affairs, this issue will be investigated,” said the embassy.

“Iran’s foreign policy in relation to all countries, in particular, neighboring countries and especially Azerbaijan, has always been based on the principles of good-neighborliness, constructive cooperation and non-interference in internal affairs,” the statement said. “Iran actually adheres to this policy.”

“Iran’s full support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in the international organizations and expanding bilateral political, economic and cultural ties, testify to the will of the two countries, in particular, strengthening and expanding of relations of the two presidents,” the statement said.

“Of course, the rapprochement between Iran and Azerbaijan in the region and the development of bilateral cooperation, in particular, the rapprochement of the two peoples pose a serious threat to those who do not want it,” the statement said. “These forces were using current events at different times to create a gap between the two countries. It is clear that the recent attacks are also taken to discredit Iran and aggravate the relations between the two countries.”