Investigation launched into journalist Cengiz andar for ‘insulting’ President

A 25-year-old Senegalese national was thrown out of a third-floor window on Tuesday in a dispute that arose over a line at a post office in Istanbul.
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According to the Dogan news agency, Nourou Kente went to a post office in Istanbuland’s Kumkapi neighborhood to send some money and had an argument with a man inside over the line of those waiting for service. The man reportedly called his friends to the post office. Kente responded by also calling his friends for assistance. A fight erupted in the post office between the two groups and Kente was thrown out of a third-floor window of the building to the street below at around 4:30 p.m. The Senegalese man was wounded in the incident and was taken to Haseki Training and Research Hospital. He reportedly suffered an injury to his forehead.
Police detained Hakan Y., Sanduleyman Y., isa Y., and Hasan T. over the incident. The suspects confirmed that they had argued with Kente however, they stated that they did not know who threw him out of the window.


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