Institute of Geography: Warm winter weather in Azerbaijan is sign of catastrophic climate changes

Baku: Warm and mild winter weather in Azerbaijan is not seasonable, and it never produces good results, Director of the Institute of Geography of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences Ramiz Mammadov told APA.

He said such warm weather is due to climate changes and global warming. A while ago, I mentioned that the UN report on environment and climate changes does not promise anything good. The report says that it either scorching heat can be observed or snow can fall in the same season. Thus, the understanding of season is gradually losing its meaning. Now the world is facing climate change and global warning in the world,” he noted.

He related another sign of climate changes with range changes. As a result, in the same season extreme cold and heat can be observed.

“For example, at intervals of 15 days, the temperature may fall below zero or reach 20 C. Azerbaijan is also affected by global climate changes. As we are in the depth of the continent, catastrophic changes and other changes in a large range are gradually weakening toward the depth of the continent. However, we feel the changes. Catastrophic changes have already begun and such cases are observed in different countries under different circumstances. Snowfall was observed in Europe in summer and rainfall in Russia in winter two years ago. Such catastrophic changes are gradullay passing to the depth of the continent. We should be ready for this and take preventive measures”, he added.