Indonesia: Another group of 16 people lost in Turkey

JAKARTA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia announced today that after a group of 16 people were arrested in Turkey on assumption they would cross to Syria an join ISIL, another group of 16 people was lost in Turkey. After a coordinating meeting of safety and intelligence units, a spokesman of Indonesian Foreign Ministry Arrmanath Nasr said that it is clear that the group captured in Turkey was not the one they were after.

“According to information provided to us by Turkish authorities, 16 Indonesians who were about to join radical groups were arrested today. A group consisting of one male, four women and eleven children was captured. We are in good coordination with Turkish authorities. Our missions are in very good contact.” Nasr said.

Nasr addressed people Indonesians living in Turkey and the Middle east.

“We are continuosly informing our citizens to focus on what they are there for. Those who are there for studying should study and those who are working should focus on their jobs. They should not be involved in practicing politics and join any radical groups.” Nasr added.

Nasr estimated that 514 people from Indonesia have joined radical groups and added that it is their highest priority as Ministry of Foreign Affairs to focus on finding the lost group of people.

On February 24th, a 16 Indonesian tourists have parted from their tourist group and lost all contacts. It is assumed that they have joined ISIL forces.