Independent candidate shot in eastern Agri province of Turkey

AGRI: An independent candidate from Turkey’s eastern province of Agri Cemal Kaya was assaulted by an unidentified attacker while he was paying a speech to a small crowd within his electoral campaign on Tuesday.

Arrival of candidate Kaya to Taslicay ditrict of Agri province by hic electoral campaign bus at noon hours outraged pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) supporters nearby. The crowded group started to attack Kaya’s bus with stones and sticks at the first. But later on someone who couldn’t be identified, started to shoot on the bus and candidate Kaya who was trying to address to his audience staying on the platform on the roof of the bus. Kaya’s team members managed to plunge him into the bus in a blink. Kaya escaped the attack without any injuries.