IHSAN – Washington business summit focuses on Turkic markets

Washington business summit focuses on Turkic marketsThe United States is poised to exert increased energy to boost ties with Central Asian markets, particularly the Turkic republics, in cooperation with Turkey, US congressmen and senators told the largest-ever business gathering by Turkish-Americans in Washington on Wednesday.The Turkic American Alliance (TAA) held an annual convention on Wednesday that largely focused on boosting business transactions between the US and Turkic nations, particularly Turkey.

The TAA is the biggest umbrella organization of Turkish non-profit organizations in the US. Leading businesspeople from the US and 15 other countries focused on facilitating trade and investment during the business summit.

The US has repeatedly expressed its increased interest in Central Asian markets over the past few years. Washingtonand#39s policy regarding the region basically focuses on cooperation in investment, trade, energy and security.

Business leaders and government officials met their counterparts from all around the world to discuss opportunities for collaboration and increasing trade and investment on Wednesday. The US lawmakers told participants at the TAA event that Central Asia has gained much importance for Washington.

Senator Chris Coons said the US is committed to cementing ties with Central Asian and Turkic republics with increased dialogue and cooperation. Richard E Hoagland, principal deputy assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs, explained during meeting on Wednesday in Washington that the TAA had managed to improve the scope of the event.

Noting that the US is promoting the New Silk Road initiative linking Central and South Asia in key investment areas, Hoagland identified these four key areas to be: boosting regional energy markets, facilitating trade and transport, improving customs and border operations and creating a network between businesses and people-to-people.US congressman representing California, Dana Rohrabacher also said on Wednesday that Turkeyand#39s role in its surrounding region has been enhanced over the past decade, adding that the countryand#39s growing popularity would benefit US-Central Asia ties in the near future.

US congressman for Florida Alan Grayson said Turkey represented the future for the Middle East and Central Asia, highlighting the improvements the country has achieved since the early 2000s.At least 200 people showed up at Wednesdayand#39s event, including lawmakers from Turkey, public figures and businesspeople.

More than a dozen US lawmakers were present at the event, reiterating their support for boosting trade with Turkey. Representatives of more than 15 countries also attended the event, which concluded with a landmark gala on Wednesday night.

More than 50 US lawmakers had gone to previous conventions. Investors, entrepreneurs and trade chamber representatives from Central Asia and Africa, including participants from Ethiopia, Rwanda and Nigeria, attended the event.

Dozens of local businesspeople from various US states also joined their counterparts to discuss cooperation at the TAA event.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman