IHSAN – The rise of Hitler in ErdoIan’s Turkey

The rise of Hitler in ErdoIan’s Turkey No, I do not refer to ErdoIan when I talk about Hitler’s rise. What we have been witnessing is not ErdoIan’s rise anyway.

It is his demise. That is why he is resorting to all sorts of illegal and unconstitutional practices to stop his fate.

What I am talking about is a noticeable phenomenon, namely that many pro-ErdoIan figures have recently started mentioning Hitler positively and keep saying that the Jews deserve another Hitler etc.Look, for instance, at one of ErdoIan’s favorite newspapers, Yeni Akit, which for years has been an anti-Semitic newspaper, but has been supported by ErdoIan.

Its editors and writers always accompany ErdoIan on his trips on his small plane. Last week, Yeni Akit published Hitler’s photo at the center of a crossword puzzle, and the secret sentence that the readers should find read as “We are longing for you.

” Nobody from ErdoIan’s camp has denounced this. Before Yeni Akit’s Hitler photo, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy Samil Tayyar, a former journalist, who tweeted two years ago that the Turkish army would arrive in Damascus in six hours, also tweeted positively about Hitler One can come up with several other examples.

Because of ErdoIan’s careless rhetoric, many of his supporters are not able to differentiate between the Israeli state and the Jews who live all over the world. They do not want to see that there are many Jews both in Israel and in the world who strongly oppose and condemn Israel’s brutality, its terrorizing tactics against civilians and even genocidal action against the Gazan population.

I am not even asking them to differentiate between left wing and right wing Zionists. Because of ErdoIan’s rhetoric, and of course because of Israeli brutality, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Turkey, which is becoming just like any other Arab state in this aspect.

For years, we have warned and cautioned our Arab brothers against this obsession and aised them to be less emotional and more rational on the Palestinian issue. For years, we have asked them to stay away from anti-Semitic rhetoric that is not only unjust but also has the effect of delegitimizing the Palestinian cause in the eyes of the Western public.

For years, we have asked them not to condone violence and suicidal missions but instead focus on influential diplomacy and peaceful and wise resistance. Unfortunately now almost all of these mistakes have been inherited by ErdoIan’s supporters.

But this is not helpful for the Palestinian cause. It also does not serve a just peace in the Middle East.

ErdoIan’s ferocious abuse of the Palestinian problem at home for electoral gain is also dangerous for Turkey. It is crystal clear that despite his harsh but cheap rhetoric against Israel, he has not done anything serious against Israel in practice.

He has accepted the Jewish lobby’s award (the New York-based American Jewish Congress awarded ErdoIan its “Profile of Courage” award in 2004). He was in friendly talks with the Israeli leaders.

Under his rule, Turkey’s trade relations with Israel have continuously increased. Under his rule Turkey signed military agreements with Israel.

His son trades with Israel. ErdoIan now sells oil and jet engine fuel to Israel.

In short, just like the other Middle Eastern autocrats, he has had double standards on this issue. But this issue is very sensitive.

He may not be able to control his increasingly frustrated anti-Semitic crowd, who will one day ask for real, serious and decisive action against Israel.The main opposition leader of the Republican People’s Party has wisely been challenging him as well.

Kemal KIlIdaroIlu asks ErdoIan, who blames everyone else of being servants of Israel, to prove his sincerity by closing the Kurecik base that indirectly protects Israel. ErdoIan of course cannot do it.

But he then has to accept that his cheap rhetoric is dangerous and that Turkey has to cooperate with the US, NATO and thus Israel. As a result, he must jettison his hypocritical attitude of cooperating with Israel directly or indirectly and at the same time accusing all others who remind him of the complexities of the Palestinian problem, importance of diplomacy and limitations of Turkey’s powerIf he continues his cheap rhetoric, his increasingly Hitler-loving crowd will not be satisfied with mere rhetoric.

This means disaster for the region.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman