IHSAN – KabataI lie and the mystery of Hurriyet columnist Berkan

KabataI lie and the mystery of Hurriyet columnist BerkanPresident Recep Tayyip ErdoIan and tactic has always been very simple. Whenever he is in trouble, he fabricates a siege psychology by using conspiracy theories among his voters so that they will rally behind him without questioning any of his mistakes.

This is what he has been doing since the Dec. 17-25, 2013 corruption investigations.

His partyand#39s votes decreased dramatically for weeks until he fabricated the andldquoparallel stateandrdquo story and then he won the local elections with 42 percent of the vote. For the June elections, he will be using this juicy and very profitable parallel state myth again, despite the fact that he has shuffled the entire judiciary and police force.

This is also exactly what he did during the Gezi protests. He knew he had been caught red-handed.

While he seriously harmed Istanbuland#39s historical silhouette by allowing his school friend Mesut Toprak to build huge skyscrapers despite public protests, he was also trying to convince the public that building a huge shopping center over a tiny little park — Gezi Park — at the center of Istanbul was needed in order to revive our history, just because the shopping center would be in the form of a historic military barracks. Astute people knew that it was not about history but about the $1 billion in profit that the project would generate for ErdoIanand#39s cronies.

When he tried to silence protesters by sheer despotic police force, millions poured out onto the streets, and his voters also had questions. Some Justice and Development Party (AKP) voters like me joined the protesters, and with us were several children of AKP deputies, pro-AKP leading figures, etc.

ErdoIan instinctively formulated a new siege fabrication and claimed that it was Islam that was under attack.He insistently repeated that protesters had consumed alcohol in a mosque and did more illicit things.

His staunch supporter, the radical Islamist Akit newspaper, published on its online version a column stating that the protesters had group sex in the mosque. Akit, whose editor-in-chief, columnists and Ankara representative are always on the planes of ErdoIan and Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu accompanying them on foreign trips, are known for their provocative stories.

It was obvious that ErdoIan was trying to provoke his religious voters into believing that Islam was under attack and he probably wanted them to attack the protesters so that they would learn a lesson and never object to ErdoIan again.Seeing that the alcohol-in-the-mosque and the group-sex-in-the-mosque stories did not entirely create the intended results, ErdoIan made use of another huge unbelievable fabrication: A headscarved woman named Zehra DevelioIlu had been attacked by 70-100 shirtless, leather-gloved Gezi protesters on a street in KabataI on June 1 The ErdoIan-media ran several stories with lurid details.

The woman alleged that the protesters had thrown her baby, kicked the baby, urinated on the baby and on her, and that some of them even touched her head with their penises. ErdoIan, of course, did not give such details, but kept referring to this fabricated incident.

Remarks from well-known figures saying they had actually seen video footage of the attack on the woman and her baby convinced the public and saved ErdoIan, who won the war Video footage from nearby security cameras discovered months later showed such an attack never took place and that the woman with the baby stroller is safely picked up by her husband a few minutes after she had a verbal exchange with some protesters who were fully clothed!Among those elites who insistently stated that they had actually seen the footage of the attack on the woman and her baby, who convinced the public and who helped ErdoIan, Hurriyet columnist Ismet Berkan shocked me the most with his great lie. Why Berkan wrote on his Twitter account that he had seen the video, which he called andldquorave,andrdquo is a great mystery.

Why on earth would a Hurriyet columnist, who for years was the editor of the prestigious leftist newspaper Radikal, try to help ErdoIan? Berkan later wrote a piece on this, but never tried to explain why he helped with this fabrication. He owes the public a serious explanation.

He has to explain to the public why he participated in such a well-crafted and extremely professional psychological war campaign and told the public this grave and provocative lie.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman