IHSAN – Baransu, MIT, ErdoIan and the end of journalism in Turkey

Baransu, MIT, ErdoIan and the end of journalism in TurkeyThe rule of law means that everyone, including journalists, can be tried before judicial courts. Well, in Turkey, that is not exactly the case if you are a member of Recep Tayyip ErdoIanand#39s family or a good friend of ErdoIan.

Those prosecutors who try to ask them questions face imprisonment. Nowadays, journalists who simply criticize ErdoIanand#39s son Bilal ErdoIan have also been prosecuted.

Gradually, things will become worse. As I have said, journalists can also be tried but it becomes indirect punishment if the government keeps prosecuting the same journalist repeatedly, sends police officers to his home or asks a prosecutor to issue an arrest warrant for the same journalist almost every week.

This is what happened to Mehmet Baransu. In each case, he duly obeyed the law and cooperated with the authorities.

Despite all this, he was arrested and sent to prison a few days ago only for doing his job: journalism This is a direct punishment without a court ruling.Why would a judge imprison a journalist for news that he published several years ago who is no longer in a position to destroy any evidence since he submitted them all to the court at the time and who has not been running away from justice despite all forms of threats and constant arrest warrants? It is crystal clear that ErdoIan does not want critical journalismBaransu has not only been criticizing the government but also informing the public about the probable crimes of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Uludere (Roboski) and the ReyhanlI bombings.

This has obviously infuriated ErdoIan, who believes MIT is the most important state institution, as he told journalists on his way back from Saudi Arabia a few days ago. To him, it is not courts, schools, hospitals, Parliament and so on that is the most state institution but MIT, presenting us with yet another clue about his desire to change Turkey into an Assadist regime where the intelligence agency is the heart and brain of the state systemErdoIan was, of course, not happy.

Only a few journalists have dared to question his dear MIT, and Baransu is among them ErdoIan is now sending a message to all other journalists to know their place and behave.MIT has been doing all forms of work for the ErdoIan regime.

The Western media is full of reports about its activities. These are theoretically confidential activities but almost everyone, with the exception of Turkish citizens, knows what exactly MIT has been doing in Turkey and abroad.

When Angela Merkel confessed that Germany has been wiretapping Turkish officials, ErdoIan, who had the nationalistic opportunity to roar and challenge Merkel, very softly and nicely stated that big powers do such things. This was very un-ErdoIan like! It is not difficult to guess that the German (and many other) states have enough concrete evidence against MIT and its owner, ErdoIan.

Germany arrested three MIT officials a few months ago and ErdoIan has been paralyzed on this too. Libyan authorities accused Turkey of smuggling weapons to rebels and will stop the operations of Turkish contractors soon.

This will cost the Turkish economy billions of dollars. There were accusations that Turkish Airlines (THY) was being used to carry weapons to Boko HaramSince journalists in Turkey are not allowed to freely work on these issues to inform the public that elected officials and their bureaucrats are harming the nationand#39s interests and allow them to decide for themselves, we can only rely on foreign sources and their accusations.

I do not know how this serves Turkeyand#39s interests. We are not even sure if the rulers in Turkey have been blackmailed by foreign powers and have been asked to do things that are contrary to Turkeyand#39s interests.

All in all, Mr Baransuand#39s arrest is not only a sign of the end of journalism in Turkey it is also a strong sign of the importance of MIT for ErdoIanand#39s distrustful rule of the country. After Baransu, we are now all targets of MIT and ErdoIanand#39s judiciary.

Similar to him, we have been receiving messages from pro-ErdoIan people saying we are next. We will wait and see.

And we will do so. We are not afraid and will not run away.

This would make them very pleased since they would not have to bother fabricating evidence against us but could easily andquotproveandquot their case by our absence.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman