IHSAN – AKP’s hypocrisy on Israel

AKP’s hypocrisy on Israel A few months ago, a fatal blow was dealt to the Justice and Development Party (AKP) from one of its staunchest supporters, Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH) President Bulent YIldIrIm Mr Yildirim was the head of the Mavi Marmara mission. In January, he heavily criticized the AKP for its failures in its Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian foreign policies.

No one from the AKP could respond to the very serious claims. Mr YIldIrIm showed us very clearly the hypocritical, Janus-faced, Envero-Kemalist and aenturist AKP that is ready to use and abuse every single sensitive domestic and international issue for its political and financial benefit.

He faulted the government for giving up on Bashar al-Assadand#39s regime too early and criticized the continuation of trade ties with Israel and the encouragement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to enter elections.It is obvious that despite its rhetoric and despite constantly accusing all of us as being servants of Israel, it is the AKP that has been serving Israel behind closed doors.

While it criticizes Israel with words, in reality the AKP has worked together with Israel on several fronts, such as selling Iraqi Kurdistanand#39s oil to Israel, increasing natural gas relations and receiving bribes from oil and gas companies that work with Israel. The AKP does not allow the Mavi Marmara to sail again.

The state ruled by the AKP has not been sending the necessary official documents to international courts that would allow Israeli military officers to be tried over the Mavi Marmara incident. On Thursday, Mr Yildirim touched on the issue again and stated very powerfully that the Turkish state has been dragging its feet in bringing the Israeli soldiers who ordered the killings of the eight Turks and one Turkish-American onboard the Mavi Marmara ship to justice.

This time, Mr YIldIrIm is more careful and is not targeting the AKP government but blaming bureaucrats. But everyone knows all bureaucrats including the judiciary are now fully under the AKPand#39s control and the AKP can easily reassign even judges when it does not like their decisions.

Another incident that again showed the AKPand#39s hypocrisy on Israel took place on Friday. The Cumhuriyet dailyand#39s headline was on Recep Tayyip ErdoIanand#39s son-in-law and the daily published details on the ErdoIan familyand#39s trading of Iraqi Kurdistanand#39s oil to Israel.

As known, ErdoIanand#39s sons Bilal and Burak own maritime companies with several ships and have been carrying goods to Israel.A few weeks ago, the main opposition Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) presented official US papers showing that the AKP had paid $65 million to Jewish lobbying firms to lobby in the US to present the AKP as being friendly with Israel.

So far, the AKP has not responded to this.It is becoming a cardinal rule that whenever the AKP accuses someone of something, it is certain that the party is the actual culprit of this alleged crime.

There is nothing wrong in having bilateral and multilateral relations with countries, including Israel. But whenever we say this and argue for critical engagement with the Israeli state that would probably help us with both the Israeli and Palestinian people, we are always accused of being agents of Mossad, the CIA, etc.

by AKP figures. Yet, they are the ones who have personal profitable and scandalous relationships with Israel, similar to their excellent relations with Saudi and Iranian firms.

The AKP figures do not have ethics or principles and are ready to work with anyone for their money.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman