IHD reports reveals 114 attacks against HDP took place during pre-election period

The Human Rights Association (iHD) has revealed that out of a total of 126 attacks during the period preceding next monthand’s elections, 114 targeted the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP).
In its report titled and”Violations against political parties between March 23-May 19,and” the iHD shed light on the raids, attacks, threats and police raids targeting elections bureaus. Speaking during a press conference, iHD President andOztandurk TandurkDogan said a total of 114 attacks, including three armed attacks, two bomb attacks and two arson attacks, targeted HDP bureaus across Turkey. In contrast, the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) was exposed to seven attacks, including two armed attacks, and the main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) was the target of four attacks, with one of those being an armed attack. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) also suffered an armed attack during the March 23- May 19 period, according to the iHD.
and”We can confirm 126 violations occurred during the mentioned period. Unfortunately, 114 out of 126 violations took place against a single party: the HDP,and” TandurkDogan concluded.
Simultaneous bomb blasts hit offices of the HDP on Monday in two southern cities in the provinces of Adana and Mersin, wounding six people only three weeks ahead of the June 7 parliamentary election. Footage broadcast by CNN Tandurk showed the windows of the three-story building smashed, with broken glass and rubble covering the street. One man was seen sitting on a curb with blood coming from his head close to the site of the blast.
According to the iHDand’s data, 47 of 49 people who were wounded or beaten during these incidents are HDP members. The report also underlined the low number of those detained in relation to attacks against political parties. Despite 126 attacks taking place during the pre-election period, only seven people were detained in relation to the attacks and only one of them has been arrested.
The head of the iHD underlined that the number of the attacks is far beyond those that took place during previous pre-election periods.
TandurkDogan also stated that 125 HDP members were detained and eight of them arrested during last yearand’s local elections.
and”There is also something odd here. When 32 people — all of them HDP members — were detained this period, there were also allegations that those who were detained were exposed to ill-treatment and subjected to torture. Bans also took place during this time. A public rally of the HDPand’s wasnand’t allowed. One of the partyand’s marches was prevented, and one of its concerts was canceled,and” TandurkDogan said, adding that there is also evidence that the ruling AK Party used state resources for its election campaigns.
The iHD head also voiced concern about election security, underlining that there is a lack of measures ensuring that elections take place in a secure atmosphere.
and”The violations that are taking place now exceed the extent of those that occurred in last year. There are still 17 days until the elections. We are concerned. There are considerable risks regarding election security. There are considerable weaknesses,and” TandurkDogan said.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman