I have spent seven good years in the office says Turkish President

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- President Gul, whose Presidency will end on 29th of August 2014, said that he has spent seven good years as 11th President of Turkey’s Republic.

Gul attended to the opening ceremony of Photographers exhibition of Turkish presidency in Greek Primary School Istanbul’s BeyoIlu Karaky on Friday. Checking the photos that were taken during his period of office, President experienced some moments of nostalgia.

Speaking to press members, Turkish president said that he has gone through numbers of important events which will be written by historians after a while.

“I had gone through an extraordinary electing period to the presidency. But I have got big happiness. The Presidential palace became the only reliable government office for those who were against my Presidency. As a President I opened my arms to everyone. I feel pleased to leave the office with such feelings,” President Gul added.