I did not throw anything in case I use, says man living in garbage house

Two truck -loaded garbage was found in a ‘garbage house’ which was controlled over the complaints of ‘bad smell’ by the neighbors in İstanbul on Thursday. Surprisingly, 1975 dated newspapers were found in the house, owned by Enes Guneri ,80, who is living alone there.

Kadikoy municipal units, who arrived into the scene, came across a garbage house at the first floor of the three-storey building, located in Hasimbey Street in Acibadem neighborhood. Cleaning work was launched by the workers in the house. Taken out of the house, the stuff were put in the entrance of the building, later they were put in the trucks.

Saying that he has a son but he does not interact with himself, Guneri, “This is just a garbage house. No need to say more. I collect for 40 years. They are useless. We threw them all. I live alone. I have a son but he does not come to me. Neighbors disturbed by the smell. I just could not throw anything in case I could use one day some of them,” said in his speech.