HuSEYIN – The main problem of Muslims

The main problem of MuslimsWhat is the currently the primary problem of Muslims and the Islamic geography? There are a variety of possible answers to this question.A Muslim believer is a person who doesn’t worship anyone except God, who devote his life to charity and kindness, who prepares for the hereafter (life after death) by observing God’s wishes and seeking to earn his praise, and who resists evil ideas. It is a person who believes that there is no meaning to life without contact with God. But having contact with God is not sufficient by itself. A believer is a person who sees conveying the name of God and the universal call of our master (the Prophet Muhammad) as indispensable.Every child carries the spirit of his times. How can this unchangeable basic be adjusted according to time period? I mean, manners, procedures, methods and styles are very important. For example, were manners, procedures, methods and styles of the Sultan Osman Gazi period in the early years of the Ottoman Empire the same as the later periods of Sultan YIldIrIm Beyazid, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent? Were those the same as they are during the current Republican period?How can God’s approval be acquired according to the time period or how can the requirements of being a believer be fulfilled according to the time period? The first and the most important step here is to understand an era correctly. And it is also to understand the country and the world we are living in. The values IIof the people, their problems, their cultures and lifestyle differences of a time period must also be assessed in the right way.Let’s say you evaluate all these correctly. The next question should be whether the path you are defending is well-marked or not. For instance, you take some medicine. If you don’t measure the dose, this medicine may turn into poison. Or you may say, “Oh, here is the medicine I need,” but its side-effects may actually harm your body instead of treating your illness.In brief, if we turn to the present, we have been experiencing a globalization phenomenon in this era. This globalization has had some damaging effects on societies due to the hegemonic ambitions of some international power elites. But on the other hand, the human being is more significant personal rights and freedoms and human dignity have become indispensable in the current age, unlike previous ones. Also, universal values, the rule of law, democratization, the expansion of freedoms, cooperation, pluralism and transparency have also become essential.In such a time period, what I understand of the path of the Hizmet movement is that it seeks to be able to integrate with the world and meet on a platform of universal human values while valuing on our own roots. We should do this by being respectful of people’s positions and communicating to people our belief, “We love the created for the Creator’s sake,” by pursuing the approval of God.It is not done with demands from management or the state, but just by trying to enter people’s hearts and calling everybody to goodness and charity, speaking about God and reinforcing global peacebuilding work on the basis of humanity.Here, the main problem emerges: We should never give anyone the opportunity to think ill of us while we are walking our true and sincere path. We should wear our hearts on our sleeves. We should be able to give an account of any subject at any time with peace of mind. Even if all the intelligence units in the world watched for 40 years, none of them could find a secret agenda of a believer. The main problem is a conflict between what you do and what you say. Where democracy and the rule of law are concerned, people should believe in our sincerity and we should never shake people’s confidence. We must show the virtue of facing oneself.Our focus should not be the state, but people and society. Good people should be lifted up. We should be grateful to those people, no matter what positions they have acquired in the normal course of life with the customs and aantages of the state and we should only focus on offering them good spiritual nourishment. We should instill in them the love of science and research. We should aise them to live a life devoted to progress in science and technology. We should leave the attempts to find an answer to the question of how the people of this age should behave to those who focus on cooperatio

SOURCE: Todays Zaman