Hunters of rarest birds detained in Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijan, a country enjoying a diversity of wildlife and natural areas, each year announces a hunting season on wild animals and birds for the certain period.

Despite some restrictions in hunting procedure, some people still do not want to obey the law and kill rarest species.

Every year, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry tightens measures against poaching in the country holding several monitoring.

Last month, two persons were detained because of illegal hunting in the country’s eastern region of Lankaran. The detainees have no permission to hunt, and they hunted in the forbidden territory.

The police seized a hunting rifle, other hunting equipment, 42 rounds, four woodcock, that are included in the Red Book of rare Azerbaijani animals and insects, nine flocks of wild ducks, etc from the detainees’ car.

During the monitoring held on December 9-10 in the Sabirabad region, the Ministry’s staff seized 276 illegally shoot coots and 11 drakes from the resident of Shirvan region.

The country announced the opening of its hunting season 2015-2016 on May 30.

Hunters allowed hunting Dagestan wild ox, wild pig, hare, wood pigeons, quail, partridge, waterfowl, sandpiper, woodcock, and chamois till the season end – December 19, 2015.

Of note, hunting is prohibited in some areas of the country as well as the Caspian Sea islands, green zones, protected areas, near the cities and resort areas.

Hunting enthusiasts should apply to the Baku Ecology and Natural Resources Department and the Ecology and Natural Resources Departments to acquire a hunting permit.