Human rights activist meets with Rauf Mirgadirov

Baku: Shahriyar Alizadeh; Chairman of Azerbaijan Committee against Torture, human rights activist Elchin Behbudov and his deputy Elchin Shirinov met with Rauf Mirgadirov, who is being detained at the remand prison of the National Security Ministry.

Behbudov told APA that Rauf Mirgadirov didn’t complain the detention conditions and treatment there: “Mirgadirov said that he is treated with respect as a journalist. No pressures were exerted by an inspector. He has been provided with a lawyer. Mirgadirov’s state deteriorated when he was detained. But his state became stable after taking medicines. He is not suspected himself guilty and didn’t testify. Rauf Mirgadirov said he visited Armenia several times and attended events in Georgia with Armenians. In his response to my question why he went to Armenia Mirgadirov said that he went to Armenia to participate in events on geopolitical issues in the South Caucasus.”