How can AKP election tricks be stopped?

Many Turks now believe that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) will try to carry out tricks and steal votes in the upcoming June 7 elections.
This perception has existed in the past, which is why it is so alive now, too.
The idea that and”since the AKP is going to use trickery to come to power again, what use is my voteand” might keep some opposition voters away from the ballot boxes. Sometimes I even think the AKP may be working to spread this impression for precisely this reason. In any case, I think what we need to talk about is not the widespread perception that the AKP will steal votes, but rather, how we can prevent them from doing so.
But how can the AKP, which has taken control of every relevant organization — from the Supreme Election Board (YSK) to the police, from judges to every level of the state — be stopped from stealing votes?
At this point, focusing on the period after the elections as being the time one can make sure votes are not stolen is simply wrong. The fact is that election trickery needs to be stopped on the night of the election, or even before the election. There are ways to do it. Here is how we can list the possibilities:
1) The political development most feared by the AKP is the possibility of another Gezi. After all, events like Gezi involve all of society. The AKP knows that if another Gezi-like protest were to occur, the current security situation wouldnand’t be enough to stop things. This is why they passed the new internal security law and why they would, if deemed necessary, declare martial law.
At the same time, itand’s pretty clear that the AKP would not be able to force anyone spilling into the streets to head back home. This is why the AKP fears people heading to the streets for legitimate reasons, as we saw with Gezi. Of course, nothing could be more legitimate than people spilling into the streets during an election period to protect the sanctity of their votes.
For the United States as well as other democratic countries, the final line in the sand would be the elimination of transparent elections in Turkey. The entire world would stand behind opposition supporters up in arms over the elimination of transparent elections.
This is why the opposition parties in Turkey now need to make it clear to the ruling party that if even one vote is stolen, they will be able to fill the streets with protestors defending their votes. While it might not be the right thing to declare this openly as a part of an election strategy, the government must be made to feel this strongly and clearly. If the government sees the power and numbers of people in the street, the AKP will be less likely to attempt to steal votes.
2) Representatives of the European Union must avoid making announcements in aance of the elections because these sorts of statements can directly affect the elections. But at the same time, EU counterparts in Turkey must make it crystal clear that even the slightest incidences of trickery will mean they do not recognize the election results. In the same vein, EU representatives need to deliver warnings to the Turkish government on the topic of vote stealing. Warnings delivered behind closed doors in the run-up to the election — about how eroded legitimacy on the international front will squelch Erdoganand’s legitimacy at home — as well as open warnings from the EU after the elections, could have the effect of stopping the AKP from stealing votes.
3) Opposition parties and critical media need to be especially sensitive when it comes to election evening trickery. Even the tiniest incident of neglect that might lead to trickery and vote stealing needs to be broadcast immediately on national channels and opposition parties need to organize their cadres at ballot boxes to oversee the election and protect the ballot boxes.
4) The YSK bans the broadcast of results on the evening of the election until a certain hour. The AKP is sure to take aantage of these hours, until the media starts making announcements, to carry out as many tricks as possible. The way to prevent this is to employ national media everywhere, and with great attention to detail, even when the trickery at hand seems minor. While broadcasting election results is forbidden, and the media cannot do it until a certain hour has passed, there has never been a ban on broadcasting news about stolen votes or election trickery.
With dedication to covering any incidents of tricks and stealing, even in the smallest of towns and villages, and with attention paid to broadcasting reactions to these incidents on national channels, officials charged with carrying out trickery in larger places will be hesitant to carry out their plans.
In short, the media and the opposition parties across the country need to be alert and aware, able to mobilize supporters on social media and television channels if and when necessary. The mobilization of a sensitive and aware people will ultimately force the regime to stop stealing votes.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman