Hole in hearth of baby weighing 750 gr closed nonsurgically

Child cardiologists of Turkey’s Erciyes University carried out a successful operation closing hole in the hearth of a 22 days-old baby weighing 750 grams. The surgery has been recorded as the successful hearth operation on the lowest weight in the world.

Professor Nazmi Narin stated that the baby had been device dependent since the birth on November 19 due to respiratory problems since the baby was born at 25 weeks gestation. When they detected the hole in the heart during the examinations, they put the baby under surgery. “That the weight of baby is low was a risk during the operation. However, we were able to fix the hole in the hearth through the groin thanks to experience in the previous cases,” said Narin.

The baby is now in good condition and expected to be discharged in one or two months. Mother of baby Hosafcı, Mevlut Hosafcı thanked the medical staff for their effort.