Historical Kursunlu Mosque turns into ruin in southeastern Turkey

The curfew, which was declared in Dec. 2, ended in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır’s Sur district in midnight hours of Friday. Also, Fatih Pasa (Kursunlu) mosque was seemed to turn into a ruin during clashes in territory.

The residents, who could arrive to their houses by passing three security control points, started to abandon their homeland. Aggrieving amid ditches, barricades, explosions and clashes for days, the people leave their houses by taking the least necessary stuff with them.

Meanwhile, the damage in Kursunlu mosque emerged after the removal of the curfew. The fire fighter units could not intervene in fire, which had been broken out after the terrorist attacks by Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) members, in mosque due to the security reasons.