Height of waves were 10 meters during offshore field fire

Waves at the Caspian Sea reached a height of eight to 10 meters during the fire on platform #10 of the Gunashli field, said Rashid Huseynov, who was saved from the faulty platform.

Huseynov is currently being treated at the Central Oil Workers Hospital, where he was admitted with brain concussion diagnose.

“The height of the waves during the fire at the Gunashli field reached eight to 10 meters, which hampered the evacuation. Speed of the wind was about 40 to 45 meters per second,” he said

Huseynov added that he hit his head when the life boat crashed into the platform because of the waves.

The fire broke out on the offshore platform #10 of SOCAR’s Gunashli field Dec. 4, after an underwater high-pressure gas pipeline was damaged in strong storm.

As many as 33 people have been rescued in a large-scale operation.

One person was found dead and his body was handed over to his relatives.

Some 29 people are considered missing.