Head of the Department at Azerbaijani Presidential Administration announces results of dialogue with chairmen of opposition parties – “We think the meeting was affordable and dynamic enough”

Baku: Head of the Department for Public and Political Issues at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov has announced the results of today’s dialogue with chairmen of opposition parties, APA reports.

Hasanov said that 17 opposition parties were represented and the issues which concern the Azerbaijani society and political parties as well as the issues regarding the state’s all activities in the fields of economic, political, social and international relations at the three-hour meeting. “Both the government and political parties accepted the continuation of the meeting as a necessary truth. We agreed on further joint discussion of the issues of their interests and concerns and coming to a common conclusion”, Hasanov said.

The Head of Department mentioned the issues of the activities of either the political parties and government or the media were discussed and an open exchange of opinions was held at the meeting. The sides also discussed the financing of political parties as well as the provision of them with headquarters, issues of participation in the events of political parties and the government and the activities of political parties and electoral institutions. “We think the meeting was affordable and dynamic enough. We prepared the groundwork and estimated the issues for next meetings. As representatives of the government, we listened to them, summarize the opinions and will inform heads of relevant government authorities as well as Azerbaijani President Mr. Ilham Aliyev”, he said.

Hasanov said that not all opposition parties participated in the dialogue. According to him, the meeting was initiated by 8 parties of the 17 parties.

The PA official added that they also discussed the involvement of all political parties in such meetings.