Head of Jewish Lobby in Benelux countries: It’s time for Azerbaijani Diaspora in Europe to enter stage of political lobbying

“If Europe had limited and unpleasant information about Azerbaijan 10-15 years ago, today not only all Europeans, but even representatives of the ethnic peoples in Europe welcome the civilization in Azerbaijan. Now Azerbaijan is a country which the Europeans and the people living here want to travel”, co-chair and financier of the Jewish Historical Museum in the Netherlands, vice-president of the Association of European-Dutch businessmen, head of Jewish lobby in the Benelux countries Joel Fresco said in interview with APA.

Fresco said that it’s time for the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Europe to enter stage of political lobbying.

“We are always ready to share our experience with Azerbaijan. Europe’s leading political parties and parliaments closely cooperates with us, and we are ready to share this cooperation with Azerbaijan. The Jews have over a thousand years of experience in this field and we will be pleased of Azerbaijan’s being engaged in it. Because, the Azerbaijani Diaspora in Europe is our trusted friend”, he added.

As part of the project “Azerbaijanis outside the border” jointly organized by APA Holding and the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, meetings are being organized with Azerbaijanis working in some European countries.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency