He cannot accuse his ‘second home’ Iran

He cannot accuse his ‘second home’ IranTufan Erguder, who resigned from his post as the head of the Hakkari Police Department in February, made striking statements on TV on Wednesday. He said that Tuesday’s major operation on police officers is part of an attempt to absolve the Tawhid-Salam terrorist organization and that some of those who carried out the operation are affiliated with this organization.

Erguder explained that Tawhid-Salam is a group of spies who have deeply penetrated Turkey through the state-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), security units and state bodies. Thus, this group has been aware of every operation that has been planned against them, he said.

 According to Erguder, Tawhid-Salam’s connection with Iranian spies would have been exposed if a criminal case was opened against them however, a prosecutor dropped the charges. He also stated that this organization emerged in the 1980s as the branch in Turkey of “revolution export” launched by Iran after the 1979 Islamic revolution by Khomeini.

Tawhid-Salam was included on the National Police Department’s terrorism list in 2007. Some members were convicted by courts since then.

A major investigation into the group has lasted for more than three years now, but it was exposed by pro-government dailies in the accusation of the Hizmet movement of illegal wiretapping. Tawhid-Salam was portrayed as fictional, an excuse for the wiretappings.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan has said at his rallies, “They made up an organization called Tawhid-Salam” But he most certainly knew that it was a real organization.(TARIK TOROS, BUGuN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman