HDP suffers from voodoo curse

Figen Yuksekdai, a co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), told the press last week that 42 of the party’s campaign centers across the country have been attacked.

Just this past week, at least a dozen attacks have been added to this list. These attacks vary from stoning the windows of local offices to beating supporters of the party who are trying to disseminate leaflets or doing oral publicity.

It seems like the HDP has become a victim of voodoo (black magic). Someone is putting needles in a toy resembling the HDP leaders and as a result, their party is attracting all kind of attacks as if they are cursed. Well, when it comes to politics, voodoo is of course possible, if it is carried out by people in power. The police force and the intelligence services can turn into needles through which you can do all kinds of black magic and you can cause serious suffering to your opponents.

Is it a coincidence that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is targeting HDP leaders in all of his rallies and that we see all kinds of smear campaigns in the pro-government media about HDP leaders and in particular about Co-chair Selahattin Demirtai, as well as physical attacks on party members all over the country?

When it comes to physical attacks you can easily see a pattern. Nationalist groups who use symbols of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), such as a hand gesture resembling the head of a wolf, have gathered and organized through social media and have started to attack HDP buildings and party supporters. Somehow, police have either come to the scene very late or if they were already there, they assumed quite a passive role, which of course is being read as a green light by the attackers.

I am not saying all of these attacks are organized by the state. There are of course some people who are furious with the HDP because they see it a kind of extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). And some ultranationalists, who are known as “grey wolves,” are keen to carry out these kinds of attacks.

However, I find it quite suspicious how all these people can quite easily organize and carry out these attacks. I do not believe that the government failed each time to collect the necessary intelligence to prevent these incidents from happening. Even if it failed, how do the police fail each time in preventing these attacks from occurring? And even so, why can we not see any suspects arrested by the courts?

You see one day Erdogan referring to supporters of the pro-Kurdish political party as Zoroastrians another day we see in headlines of the pro-government media that Demirtai eating quotpork for breakfast,quot as if it is a big crime.

Apparently, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and in particular President Erdogan see winning the upcoming elections as a kind of life and death matter. And obviously, they are heavily invested in the possibility of the HDP remaining under the parliamentary threshold of 10 percent, in which case most of the votes of the HDP will be transferred to the AKP in the form of more seats in Parliament.

Therefore, the possibility of the HDP passing the election threshold and having a strong presence in Parliament drives some people crazy. I believe this why we see are seeing the HDP suffering from some kind of voodoo curse!

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman