HDP denied permission for election rally at major Istanbul square

The Istanbul Governorate has denied news reports that it has allowed the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Partyand’s (HDP) to hold an election campaign rally in Kazliandceime Square in the cityand’s Zeytinburnu district, saying the square is not defined as demonstration venue as per a relevant law.
In a statement on Tuesday, the Governorand’s Office revealed that the Zeytinburnu district election board had decided not to give permission for the HDP to hold a rally in Kazliandceime Square. It said the Governorand’s Office had no authority to process requests from political parties regarding election rallies that take place within 10 days before the election and that the district election boards were in charge of such requests.
and”The information was also received that the Zeytinburnu District Election Board also did not allow a rally at Kazliandceime. The Kazliandceime area is not a demonstration venue as per Law No. 2911,and” the statement said.
HDP was planning to hold a public rally at Kazliandceime square on May 30 as part of the partyand’s election campaign for parliamentary elections slated for June 7. The public rally that the HDP seeks to hold in the area was to happen simultaneously with the and”Conquest of Istanbuland” events — referring to the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul in 1453. Those are scheduled to be held at the same time in Yenikapi and are to be attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and prime minister and ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) leader Ahmet Davutoilu.
The ruling AK Party has held public rallies before at the same square where the HDP was denied permission to hold their rally. On June 16, 2013, then-AK Party leader Erdogan held a rally called and”Respect for the National Willand” at Kazliandceime Square. On May 1 this year, Erdogan also suggested the use of Kazliandceime Square for May Day celebrations.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman