Haydarpasa Train Station to be renovated in accordance with original design

The municipality last year denied a restoration project proposed by the TCDD because it aimed at turning the train station into a hotel.

The project, which had been approved by the Council of Monuments but rejected by the municipality, envisioned additions to the original structure such as building a restaurant on the roof and adding an elevator.

The 2014 project also would have allowed for lodging and shopping facilities to be built in and around the station, a proposal that outraged many İstanbul residents who want the station to remain as is, without a new hotel or commercial shopping area. Various protests had been staged in opposition to the 2014 redevelopment plans after they were announced. The opponents have criticized the move as unnecessary and primarily based on generating revenue.

The Cumhuriyet daily reported on Sunday that the Kadıkoy Municipality approved the new project, which does not intend to make any additions to the station.

Speaking to Cumhuriyet, Kadıkoy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoglu said: “Haydarpasa is a historic heritage. The station building was left to its fate after the fire [on the roof in 2010]. We are very glad to see that Turkish State Railways has prepared a restoration project in accordance with its original design.”

Haydarpasa, built in the early 20th century, is one of İstanbul’s most iconic landmarks. It once hosted the terminus of a rail line that led to the Saudi Arabian city of Medina, and another through Iraq, which was operational until 2003. The station was the departure point for many trains bound eastward for Anatolia as well as the hub for İstanbul’s suburban train line.

The station has been unused since the TCDD closed it in 2012 so that work on a high-speed train (YHT) line to Ankara and the Marmaray project could be completed.