HASAN – The new cold war

The new cold warIn his 10th annual year-end press meeting on Dec. 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to reportersand#39 questions.

Noting that the West is creating a new wall in Europe, Putin declared that a new cold war has started. In Russia, Dec.

20 is celebrated as the day of intelligence workers at the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Federal Protective Service (FSO) and other intelligence services in this new era, security and intelligence have become even more important.The main item on the agenda at the NATO summit held in Wales on Sept.

4-5 was the Ukrainian crisis and how NATO should respond to it. The West decided at the Wales summit to develop a new strategy to ensure that Russia would not bother the former Soviet republics.

Russia has officially been declared as andldquootherandrdquo It is comparable to Napoleonand#39s France, Hitlerand#39s Germany and itself during the Cold War era The new strategy was formulated in a way that can be called andldquoAllies-1.andrdquo Here -1 refers to Russia In an attempt to identify its allies and strategy against Russia, NATO organized three meetings in Tbilisi (Black Sea and South Caucasus), Amman (Eastern Mediterranean) and Helsinki (Balkans and Scandinavia).

In this way, the whole area located between the European Union — and NATO andndash and the Russian Federation will be organized against Russia up until February 2015.The first -1 meeting was held on Dec.

4 in Tbilisi under the chairmanship of the NATO secretary-generaland#39s special representative to the Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai. Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova and the Southern Caucasus republics were invited to the meeting.

Ukraine and Georgia are afraid of being left alone again. But NATO seems decisive that it will not do so.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan is afraid of Russia Baku is trying to pursue a balanced policy. President Ilham Aliyev wants to maintain good relations with the West in the fields of energy and trade without administrative reforms.

Baku is aware that Russia could be aggressive when provoked. For this reason, it does not want to provoke the country.

Azerbaijan believes that Russia is responsible for the recent tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh.The second -1 meeting was held on the 20th anniversary of the Mediterranean Dialogue under the chairmanship of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Amman on Dec.

9 The envoys of the seven members in the Mediterranean Dialogue including Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel and Jordan and the 28 permanent representatives of the North Atlantic Council attended the meeting, where close collaboration with NATO for stability and security in the Mediterranean and Middle East was discussed.The third -1 meeting will be held in Helsinki.

The US is determined they will not let Russia put pressure upon the former Soviet republics in Europe. Under this new strategy, a notion called the andldquoNew Eastern Europeandrdquo was coined.

This notion refers to a geographical and political terrain including the non-EU former Soviet republics (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, South and North Caucasia and the European part of Russia). The new Eastern Europe also includes potential members of the EU and NATO at the same time.

Several steps have been identified for the merger of the new Eastern Europe with the West. In the first stage, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will join they will be followed by Armenia in the second and Azerbaijan in the third.

And finally, the European part of Russia will join.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman