HASAN – Future of Gaza and Turkey

Future of Gaza and TurkeyThe Middle East looked quite different on May 14, 1948, when the State of Israel was declared. Arabs had self-confidence, intellectuals, strong armies and intelligence agencies.

The Middle East had preserved its multi-religious and multi-ethnic character The main element that connected the people of the Middle East was Middle Eastern culture. Christian Arab intellectuals were laying down the ideological foundations of Arab socialism and Arab nationalism In the Middle Eastern enlightenment, religious, sectarian and ethnic divisions were not as distinct as they are today.

Islam and Judaism were sister religions. They were mainly opposed to the Christian Crusaders.

What is the main priority in the Middle East? The chief priority is Israeli security, followed by the security of energy resources and their safe passage to international markets.The situation has changed in favor of Israel in the Middle East since 1948.

Three major Arab republics with strong armies (Iraq, Syria and Egypt) have been drastically weakened. A new non-Arab state (Kurdistan) is emerging.

The multi-religious character of the Middle East is changing. Jews migrated to Israel and Christians to the West.

Islamic-Judaic cooperation was replaced by Judeo-Christian brotherhood and an anti-Islamic orientation. After the end of the multi-religious structure of the Middle East, the multi-sectarian landscape is also fading.

We are entering a new era in which sectarian polarization and hybrid Salafism are being promoted. The Middle East is becoming a region of mono-religious and mono-sectarian states.

Secular and Christian Palestinians were liquidated after the emergence of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance. The PLO has become corrupt because the grants and project aid it received were never inspected.

Qatar was allowed to get involved in Gaza In this way, Hamas had access to money and luxury. A new process began in which anti-reconciliation figures and popular anti-imperialist intellectuals within Hamas were eliminated.

In this way, the anti-imperialist character of Hamas was undermined.Will Gaza be surrendered to hybrid Salafism after the Israeli offensive on Gaza? Will Hamas become corrupt? Will the hybrid Salafi groups become dominant in Gaza, leading to the Palestinians killing each other?Gaza still affects Turkey.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been a topic that the Turkish left and right have exploited since the 1960s. An anti-Israeli stance attracts the support of voters in Turkey.

Well, this is true, but what will the Anatolian tigers do in the Middle East? They are unable to sell their products they do not know how to market their goods. The main land road from Turkey to the Middle East is Syria, which is closed now.

Iraq is the same. Relations with Egypt are bad.

Now the bridges with Israel have been burned. So this means all roads are closed.

Trade relations with Russia also have their problems. Bilateral ties between Ankara and Moscow have become tense due to disagreements over Gaza and Ukraine.

For this reason, the Anatolian tigers — the main column of Turkish conservatism — are turning their faces back to the West because there is economic stability, law and democracy there. The Anatolian tigers have lost their appetite for new aentures.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman