“Hari Bulbul” collection dedicated to Shusha presented

By: Laman Sadigova

Azerbaijani designer Egana Sadikhova’s collection “Khari Bulbul”, dedicated to Shusha, was presented as a part of Baku Fashion Week 2015, in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel.

The flower Khari Bulbul, after which the collection was named, grows only in Shusha, Karabakh, near Uchmih Mountain. It has an unusual and amazing appearance — you can clearly see the similarity with the nightingale by looking at the flower.

One of the legends associated with the flower is about the daughter of Karabakh Khan Ibragimkhalil –Aga Beyim Aga. When she married Iran’s Shah, she missed her motherland. Her husband, who loved his wife, decided to stretch Karabakh Khan garden right there, in Iran.

All kinds of Karabakh flowers were planted in the garden, including Khari Bulbul. However, if all the flowers took roots, Khari Bulbul did not, as it can only grow in its native land, in Karabakh.

Egana Sadikhova’s collection was greeted with standing ovation and applause.

“Baku Fashion Week 2015” was organized by the Production Center of Hafiz Aghayev. The chief director of the project is Nina Draco from Belarus. The collection was demonstrated by the models from the FMS Models agency.

SOURCE: Azer News