Handcuffed police figure goes viral on social media, becomes hit

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- An image of the former head of the Istanbul Police Department cyber crimes unit, Hayati BaIdaI, holding his handcuffed hands in the air while being detained has gone viral on social media as a symbol expressing public outrage at the operation for which he was detained.

BaIdaI was among over 100 high-ranking police officials who were detained on Tuesday on charges of spying and illegal wiretapping. BaIdaI and many other detainees were known to be among those who conducted the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 corruption operations as part of a probe into government officials and leading businesspeople.

Photographs of handcuffed policemen, including BaIdaI, being taken into custody on Tuesday were highly criticized on social media. Some social media users changed their profile pictures to an image showing BaIdaI’s silhouette holding his handcuffed hands in the air.

As he was being detained, BaIdaI is also reported to have shouted, “I haven’t taken a haram [wrongfully gained] bite. I haven’t been involved in the slightest illegal activity,” a phrase implying he participated in no improper or criminal activities.

In reference to BaIdaI’s remarks, some social media users have changed their profile names to “I haven’t taken a haram bite.”