Hamza HamzaoIlu: What a difference a coach can make

and”Where there is a will, there is a way.and”
This old English proverb perfectly epitomizes how Galatasaray turned failure into success this season — and at the center of it all was none other than 45-year-old coach Hamza Hamzaoilu.
The Lions, as Galatasaray is popularly called, were crowned the 2014-15 Super League champions on Monday after eternal rival Fenerbahandce could only manage a 2-2 draw with Istanbul Baiakiehir in their penultimate game. The result gave Galatasaray, which beat Beiiktai 2-0 in their Istanbul derby on Sunday, an insurmountable five-point lead with one game to go.
All championships are equal, but some are more equal than others. This seasonand’s title is of utmost importance because it is the 20th for the Lions, earning them four stars — as one star is awarded for five titles — and making them the first side in the land to accomplish this feat.
The soft-spoken Hamzaoilu is already looking ahead. and”This team will aim for greater heights in Europe [the UEFA Champions League] next season. We will strive to stay the course or at least go as far as we can,and” he said.
Nothing good comes easy, and nothing can be truer than this saying for Galatasaray. Three chairmen and two coaches in one season serve to show that life was not a bed of roses for the Lions. Chairman andunal Aysal was replaced by Duygun Yarsuvat on Oct. 24 of last year and Yarsuvat stepped down for Dursun andOzbek on Saturday. Galatasaray was due to start this season with Italian Roberto Mancini, who had led the team to a distant second in the 2013-14 season. But on seeing the hapless, helpless and hopeless state of Galatasaray, Mancini cunningly fled in preseason, making room for his compatriot Cesare Prandelli. The underachieving Prandelli succeeded in making a bad situation even worse, and the Lions were teetering on the edge of an abyss under his tutelage.
The Lions losing 3-0 at home in week 10 to Trabzonspor was the last straw and and”Jonahand” Prandelli was cast into the sea. Obscure Hamzaoilu was hired in his stead on Nov. 28, 2004. The Lions were second behind Beiiktai when Hamzaoilu officially took the helm in week 11, but they had conceded more goals than they had scored (13-14). The Galatasaray defense was very porous and the team had forgotten the football rule that defense does win championships.
Hamzaoilu had to do something different he did exactly that, and the tide almost immediately began to turn in Galatasarayand’s favor. How? Prandelli had relegated several Turkish players to second place under his short tenure. Assistant captain and right back Sabri Sarioilu was demoted to the junior team, winger Yasin andOztekin hardly had any playing time, defensive midfielder Hamit Altintop was declared dead and buried and striker Umut Bulut became a pawn of fate.
Hamzaoilu did the exact opposite, and brought these players, except super sub Bulut, into his starting line-up. andOztekin and Sarioilu became some of the best on the team, contributing greatly to winning the championship.
Hamzaoilu, a former Galatasaray midfielder from 1991 to 1995, was almost an unknown quantity as coach. He helped bring Akhisar Belediyespor from the second division to the Super League in 2011-12 and became an assistant to national team coach Fatih Terim the following season.
This should be a lesson to teams that are prone to squandering millions of euros on good-for-nothing foreign coaches. Furthermore, the record book shows that the Super League championship has been won by Turkish coaches for several years now.
and”I thank those who brought m. I thank one and all, the fans in particular, who contributed to this championship,and” Hamzaoilu told reporters.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman