HABIB – Parliament ignores complaints filed against Ihlas Finans

Parliament ignores complaints filed against Ihlas FinansThousands of complaints filed by account holders in a pro-government business group’s finance arm that went bankrupt in 2001 have produced no results in Parliament.  The pro-government Ihlas Holding’s finance arm, Ihlas Finans, which filed for bankruptcy in 2001 due to irregularities and poor management, has failed to honor the deposits of tens of thousands of account holders, and the government still remains silent on the issue. Back in 2001 prosecutors launched an investigation into Ihlas Finans’s management, with no results so far. Ihlas Finans still owes 75,000 account holders a total of $450 million, despite the millions of dollars its parent company, Ihlas Holding, makes in profit every year. Following its bankruptcy in 2001, the Ihlas Finans victims — referred to as “Ihlaszedeler” in the Turkish media — mobilized themselves online and established an organization to pursue legal proceedings against Ihlas Finans. The victims have resorted to Parliament in the hope of collecting their money from the bankrupt entity, but so far their demands have remained unanswered. Thousands of Ihlas victims, along with deputies from the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), have filed complaints in Parliament over the past decade, but they have been unable to make any progress due to the government’s unwillingness to further investigate the Ihlas Finans case. The government has failed to answer questions about alleged irregularities in Ihlas Finans from CHP Gaziantep deputy YaIar AIyuz. In a separate case, MHP Kutahya deputy Alim IIIk was also unable to learn whether Parliament will take any action for Ihlas victims. Observers have criticized Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan for defending Ihlas despite all the calls for justice. Critics say ErdoIan is protecting current Ihlas Holding CEO Mucahid ren in exchange for ren’s support for the government. ren’s pro-government holding owns the TGRT news channel along with the Turkiye newspaper and Ihlas News Agency. The group is also active in the construction, health and education sectors.

SOURCE: Todays Zaman