GuNAY HILAL – Prosecutor’s attitude shows no ‘mistake’ in KIlIçdaroIlu probe

Prosecutor’s attitude shows no ‘mistake’ in KIlIçdaroIlu probeMain opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)hairman Kemal KIlIçdaroIlu was called on Tuesday by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to testify as a suspect in an investigation. The move was a clear violation of law, because the CHP leader has legal immunity just like other members of Parliament, which requires a summary of proceedings to be conveyed to Parliament first, in case there is an accusation about him. Shortly after the incident was publicized, the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office withdrew its summons and issued a press statement on the same day saying the request had been “accidentally” sent to KIlIçdaroIlu and then annulled. The summons document reportedly did not bear a registration number nor did it include information about the investigation against KIlIçdaroIlu. Media reports on Wednesday revealed that the investigation against the main opposition leader concerned a libel complaint filed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan’s son Bilal ErdoIan.Prosecutor Mehmet Demir, who claims to have mistakenly sent the summons, was removed from the investigation. However, Demir’s statement to the press was rather confusing: “So he [KIlIçdaroIlu] has learned [about the probe against him]. What more does he want?” Calling KIlIçdaroIlu to the prosecutor’s office despite his legal immunity is widely regarded as a government attempt to intimidate the opposition.Bugun daily columnist Gultekin AvcI wrote in his Thursday piece that the KIlIçdaroIlu “mistake” is pretty awkward. “It is even more awkward that the prosecutor is asking ‘what more does he want?’ in a sassy way, instead of being embarrassed,” AvcI said. According to AvcI, Demir reportedly designated the Dec. 17 graft investigation as a “coup attempt against the government” at the time. AvcI stated that if true, slandering his colleagues regarding their oversight of an investigation is a disciplinary crime. Stating that Demir continued his smear campaign on the ongoing corruption probe in statements on TV, AvcI wrote, “You cannot serve as a prosecutor and a political analyst at the same time.” In reference to the CHP’s complaint about Demir to the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK), AvcI asked, “What will the HSYK do about the prosecutor, who accused his colleagues of attempting a coup?”Mehmet Tezkan, a columnist with the Milliyet daily, wrote a Thursday piece titled “I don’t understand what kind of a mistake this is.” Tezkan stated that he found it confusing when he first heard about KIlIçdaroIlu having been called by a prosecutor as a suspect, even though it was claimed to be a mistake. After reading what Demir said in response, Tezkan said the incident became something beyond confusing. According to Tezkan, the prosecutor’s remarks explicitly indicate that the whole incident was not a mistake at all. Referring to Demir’s boldness, Tezkan commented: “The prosecutor sees himself as a new holder of power. Obviously, he does not rely upon the law. What is he relying upon when he looks down on the main opposition leader

SOURCE: Todays Zaman