Graft prosecutor asks court to request Zanjani’s case file from Iran

Former Prosecutor Celal Kara, who was dismissed from his job by the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) last week, has asked the BakirkandOy 16th High Criminal Court — the court that recently charged him with malpractice — to request transcriptions of phone conversations and other and”cooperation documentsand” between suspects in a corruption case and businessmen Babak Zanjani and fellow Iranian Reza Zarrab.
Citing an agreement signed in February 2010 for judicial cooperation in criminal matters between Iran and Turkey, Kara requested that the court contact Iran about the documents that have reportedly been uncovered by a parliamentary commission in Iran revealing cooperation between Zanjani and Zarrab. Zarrab is often cited as having links to Zanjani and his alleged gold-smuggling and money-laundering business.
While Zanjani is currently in prison in Iran on accusations of corruption worth billions of dollars, Zarrab, who had been accused of being the ringleader of a money-laundering network involving the sons of many Turkish Cabinet ministers in a major graft investigation in December 2013, was released after a non-prosecution decision. In the meantime, the HSYK terminated four prosecutors and a judge, including Kara, who took part in the Dec. 17 probes.
In his petition to the court, Kara also called on the court to summon a number of people to take the stand as witnesses, including Yakup Saygili, the former head of the Istanbul Police Departmentand’s Financial Crimes Unit, and his team Muammer Ganduler, the former interior minister, and his son Barii Ganduler and Zarrab and the brother of his wife, Cengiz Kumartailioilu.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman