Gov’t-backed operation targets 44 people in 19 provinces

An Ankara prosecutor has ordered the detention of 44 people in 19 provinces, with a number of them detained on Tuesday morning, as part of the third wave of a government-orchestrated investigation into alleged cheating in the centralized State Personnel Examination (KPSS) in 2010.
The total number of detentions so far is unclear though news agencies have reported that six people were detained in Istanbul. According to the Cihan news agency, a teacher working in a private school in the province of Eskiiehir was detained while he was at home early in the morning. The detainees from various provinces will be sent to Ankara after procedural medical check-ups.
A government whistleblower who tweets under the pseudonym Fuat Avni claimed on Sunday that 50 more people would be detained on Tuesday as part of the ongoing large-scale KPSS probe led by the government-controlled judiciary. Fuat Avni has so far revealed many government-initiated police operations to the public before they took place. Fuat Avni had tweeted that andquotjudges for the case are also arranged.and”
Later on Tuesday, an Ankara prosecutor launched an investigation into the Fuat Avni Twitter account over the claim that he had violated the confidentiality of the ongoing KPSS probe.
The KPSS is a standardized exam used to determine eligibility for civil servant positions. The investigation was launched in 2010 after more than 3,227 people answered most or all of the questions on the KPSS correctly, leading to claims that some of the candidates had either cheated during the test or had obtained the questions beforehand. Suspects detained in the investigation face charges of forming an illegal organization, leading the organization, forging legal documents and misconduct. The investigation was launched by Ankara prosecutor Yanducel Erkman.
The investigation has been revived after five years amid complaints from the opposition that the government is using the operations to further its own agenda. The KPSS investigation is seen by many as an aspect of the governmentand’s efforts to portray the Gandulen movement, also known as the Hizmet movement and inspired by the views of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen, as a terrorist organization.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was prime minister until his election as president last August, accuses the Gandulen movement of instigating the infamous corruption probes involving then-ministers in his government that went public on Dec. 17 and 25, 2013.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman