Gov’t-appointed trustee: Ipek media publications to go ahead in ‘moral and national’ line

One of the trustees appointed in a government-backed court decision to take over management of media outlets under Koza ipek Holding has said the publications will continue in what he called a and”moral and nationaland” line.
and”The publication of the newspapers we were appointed to will not stop. On the contrary, it will continue in a moral and national line that will represent the Anatolian people,and” trustee Hasan andOlandcer tweeted on Thursday night. Although he did not explain what he means by a and”moral and national line,and” many interpreted his remarks as a clear indication that the dailies will follow a pro-government editorial policy. andOlandcerand’s tweet, posted with a new profile picture reportedly taken in one of the offices of the seized news outlets while examining the publications, came hours after he insulted several employees of the Bugandun daily during a meeting on Thursday, and unlawfully dismissed those employees who refused to act in line with their orders.
andOlandcer, who presided over the meeting, insulted the employees and criticized the Thursday edition of the newspaper. The trustees stopped Thursdayand’s edition of the two dailies — Bugandun and Millet — from going to print on Wednesday. The editors had earlier shared the pages they had prepared for publication via social media.
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The police on Wednesday raided the headquarters of the media outlets after the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled on Monday for the takeover of the administration of Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies, which includes critical media outlets, in a government backed move.
Accompanied by riot police in gas masks, the police officers broke down the gates of the corporate headquarters of the holding, used pepper spray on the lawyers who tried to protest and entered the building by force. Police teams escorting a board of trustees, appointed to take over the management of the group, and entered the television stationsand’ satellite uplink room in the following hours and cut broadcasting.