Gobustan State Reserve to host plein air painters

By: Amina Nazarli

The Gobustan State History and Arts Reserve, an open air museum and one of the oldest historic sites in Absheron, will host a plein air event titled “Under the open sky. Gobustan/Plein air -10” on December 13.

Organized by the Arts Council Azerbaijan, the event will be supported by the Azerbaijan Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Youth Network of Azerbaijan.

The event will be attended both by young artists and painters of the older generation. The plein air as a form of masters’ self-improvement is held to support both young people and intellectuals.

Much of plein air painting likes to see the landscape as unspoiled by human touch, to return to a more pastoral time before Freeway congestion, tract housing and Abstract painting.

Gobustan, located in 70 kilometers southwest of Baku, is a geographical area, which consists of ravines located between the south-eastern foot of the Great Caucasian Mountains and Caspian Sea.

Here, history fans will be impressed with the 6,000-year-old rock engravings, and the evidence of human habitation that spans 25,000 years, inhabited caves, settlements, and burials all reflecting the extensive use of the area by ancient people.

Gobustan carvings consist of the pictures of animals, bulls, goats, wild horses, deer, gazelles, pigs, lions, wolves and others. Pictures of animals mainly were shown by contour lines. Gobustan rock carvings are also rich by their different compositions. One can meet here scenes of collective labour, hunting, dance, harvest, battle and others.


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