‘Git BaIImdan’ — Yes, please do go away!

Writer director iahin Altuiand’s comedy feature and”Git Baiimdanand” (Go Away) lays out a great premise, but sadly has such an unrefined execution of its story that one cannot help but think this is an opportunity missed.
Just imagine if your inner voice actually came alive and started conversing with you in real life. This is pure Woody Allen territory, and the potential for jokes and satire is a goldmine. But letand’s face it, the filmand’s limp screenplay becomes such a drag in its second half that itand’s hard not to miss the in-your-face promotion of misogyny and machismo culture.
Set in Eskiiehir, the events occur around the hapless Latif (iahin Irmak), who seems to be an utterly sensible and polite individual who misjudges himself and in turn acts like as a pushover. Sure, being a pushover is not something anyone wants to be, but why do we always have to assume that being soft-spoken is equivalent to being someone who will easily be stamped on?
Latif wants to break up with his girlfriend, Reyhan (Seda Ganduven), who is a woman portrayed as someone who has no goal in life except to wear a wedding gown, but then Latif suddenly finds himself strong-armed into proposing to the young woman. Right at that point he starts to hear the voice of his alter-ego Mansur (Bandulent Emin Parlak), who speaks like a bully and acts like a Neanderthal. Mansur is constantly telling him the exact opposite of what Latif is doing, mainly cursing him and telling him to and”act like a man.and”
Latif finds himself in a Disney-themed wedding ceremony with Reyhan, but runs away at the last minute by actually speaking his mind, which at this point has been overtaken by Mansur. Latif steals the old Mercedes-Benz that was supposed to be his wedding carriage and drives out of town. Suddenly, Mansur takes on the form of an actual man and starts being Latifand’s imaginary friend, or letand’s say stalker. The quasi road- quasi buddy-movie takes a new turn when the men encounter an eco-conscious girl, Selin (Asli TanDogan), a cardboard cutie-pie character fashioned from the doand’s and donand’t lists of womenand’s magazines.
Selin should understand straight off that Latif is suffering from borderline schizophrenia when heand’s talking to thin air, but somehow she chooses to believe that heand’s a good guy and Mansur does indeed exist and is not entirely a figment of the manand’s imagination. Selinand’s old-model Volkswagen is stolen and the girl is about to go into full-on panic mode because the Caretta Caretta tortoise she saved a couple years back was in the back seat. Selin, Latif and Mansur try to retrieve the car in vain, and in accordance with all the expected genre clichandeacutes, they encounter a bunch of shady men on the way. But all will end well for the trio, well, letand’s say duo, when they finally reach Datandca and true romance ensues between the leads. It seems like, at the end, Latif isnand’t that afraid of getting married after all!
Beyond its narrative inconsistencies, lack of romantic chemistry and languorous rhythm, and”Git Baiimdanand” is mainly problematic in its theme and the inevitable outcome of its own repressed alter-ego. Latif becomes a and”true heroand” and finds happiness only when he starts acting unapologetically and aggressively, just like Mansur. Thereand’s a huge difference between being assertive and being aggressive, and the filmmakers donand’t feel the need to make any difference while underlying that masculinity can only be achieved with rough and tough attitude — what a great example for people who prefer not to be as such!
What this screenplay consistently throws at us is that if we actually have the maturity to apologize to someone, then either that person or someone else will definitely take aantage of us.
This movieand’s attitude is take it or leave it when it comes to human behavior, thereand’s no middle ground or any individual trying to achieve a balance between vulnerability and touchiness. In simple words, this film tells us that either you have to shout at and dominate other people to get what you really want in life, or youand’ll just end up as live bait. Men who fear emasculation should stay clear of this film.