German mayor attends opening ceremony of mosque despite threats

MUNICH: Newly constructed mosque in Germany’s Paffenhofen town which is located near Munich city put into service of Muslims with an opening ceremony on Sunday. The mayor of town Thomas Herker also attended the ceremony despite receiving anonymous death threats calling him not to take part in the opening of the mosque.

Ther mosque named Ensar was built in Paffenhofen town with contributions of local Muslim community and Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs. Along with Turkish officials and local Muslims, the Mayor of the town Thomas Herker and Deputy Mayor Roland Dorfler also attended the opening ceremony. Mayor Herker has received numbers of anonymous death threats allegedly from ultra-nationalists calling him to prevent construction of mosque in the town.

Speaking during the opening ceremony Mayor jokingly stated that he is happy to take part alive in the ceremony.

“I am sure that this mosque will be a peaceful place which will keep its doors for everyone” Herker added.