Georgian star shines on Azerbaijani stage

By: Amina Nazarli

The Heydar Aliyev Center hosted a solo concert titled “My Unsophisticated Songs” by Vakhtang Kikabidze, the People’s Artist of Georgia.

The living legend presented a rich repertoire of songs performed in various periods winning the hearts of millions. These hits have managed to withstand the test of time and turned their performer into an idol indeed across the globe.

Vakhtang’s songs tell the story of friendship and love, of Tbilisi and Baku old courtyards full of kindness and full of sincerity. In his compositions, he paid tribute to the memory of those people who are no longer around him, but who will live forever in his heart … It was a nostalgic evening made by the legendary singer and actor!

During the visit, Kikabidze was accompanied by famous Georgian singer Liza Bagrationi.

The whole concert lasted for more than two hours passed and the audience was thrilled up by his performance. Kikabidze embodies the soul of the Caucasus, its musicality, its international character and nobility loyal friends.

“I remembered my first visit to Azerbaijan about 40-50 years ago. Baku has changed over the recent years. It has become very great and beautiful. I even cannot find appropriate words to express my emotions,” he said in an interview to Trend.

It is the second visit of Vakhtang to Baku in 2014.

Singer, actor, screenwriter, producer, and composer, Kikabidze has performed in a number of films, among them the main role of a helicopter pilot in the iconic Soviet film Mimino.

He was also acknowledged by a number of various music contests and film festivals in the Soviet Union, Georgia and worldwide. In 1999, his star was embedded on the “Star Square” in Moscow.