Geo-economic and natural energy balance of Caspian Sea region depend on Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – president’s assistant

Baku: Experts say that the current military and political balance of the Caspian Sea region depends on Russia, geo-economic and natural energy balance of that on Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and transport and communication corridor – on Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia.

Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov made the remarks at the conference titled “Azerbaijan in the modern world”, organized by the New Azerbaijan Party in Baku on May 7.

Hasanov said Azerbaijan will most likely play a key role in the future geo-political, geo-economic and geo-strategic environment of the Caspian basin.

“One of Azerbaijan’s geo-strategic characteristics is the fact that there are rich human resources and socio-political, ethnic and religious stability in the country. This is associated with the state’s capabilities of control on these areas. The overall demographic indicators of the country are promising. The number of Azerbaijani population is over 9 million. The population density is 96 people per square km.

The researchers claim that the most balanced geopolitics and effective political management system amongst the South Caucasian countries belong to Azerbaijan in terms of using political, social and human resources to ensure national interests,” he added.

Hasanov mentioned that in a new environment of globalization Azerbaijan is successfully integrating into the universal and global economic system of the world.

“Azerbaijan conducts comprehensive cooperation with the European Union, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other international financial institutions. It is no coincidence that with the support of those institutions, the most foreign capital has been invested in the economy of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan among the post-Soviet countries.

At present, for the amount of foreign investment per capita, Azerbaijan occupies a leading position not only in the post-Soviet space but also in the world. Azerbaijan is considered the most stable and tolerant country of the South Caucasus with its socio-political, social and moral status, national and religious civil union and the situation of its society,” the president’s assistant noted.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency