General dissolution

The inclusion of the Muslim world in the modern history of the West has been the same in every major historical and geographical era. And this still remains the same today. The breaks and strong leaps in the modern histories of Turkey, Iran and Egypt have taken place almost at the same time. Iran was derailed for a brief period of time by the Islamic revolution in 1979 but today, domestic and international conjecture is forcing Iran to return to the previous equation.
We do not know whether Iran will submit but it is obvious that Turkey and Egypt have already surrendered. Despite some differences, the same thing is taking place in these countries. The explosions that started with the Islamic revolution and peaked with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) rule in 2003 turned into a pile of ashes in 2013. The gains the Muslims made in this period have started to vanish. Iran still holds the initiative, but sectarianism, Persian nationalism and regional cooperation with the US threaten the revolution. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamic movements and their political version, national outlook, as well as the Hizmet movement, also known as the Gandulen movement, have been seriously damaged by the AK Party rule in Turkey. The AK Party, which pragmatically enjoyed and wasted the accumulations of the Islamic groups and communities in a decade, attracted the enmity and attention of the global monsters to Islamic movements by its flawed policies in Syria and Egypt. The AK Party, which took center stage by promising order in the region in the name of the West, attracted the fury of the global actors when it started to implement its nationalistic project in 2011.
As a result of the flawed policies and approaches of the AK Party government, the Muslim Brotherhood experienced the greatest troubles in their history. The Palestinians were also negatively affected. It was obvious that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which was strongly crushed by the regime of then-Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in the Hama massacre of 1982, would not be powerful enough to carry out a civil war in Syria. In recent years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had the support of at least half of the people in addition, three regional powers (Iran, Iraq and Lebanese Hezbollah) and two global powers (Russia and China) extended support to Assad. Despite this, Turkey attempted to topple him via a civil war.
This mostly affected the Muslim Brotherhood and Syria. However, the popular change was already transforming the political stage in Syria, which was inspired by the Turkish model. Attempting to control the region via Syria and Egypt was a costly venture. Global powers and their local partners took action and staged coups and attempted to dissolve the Islamic movements and groups.
Although it seems to be a paradox, what happens in Turkey is no different from a coup. By the submission of those who caused all this to the global powers and their desires, Islamists and religious communities, which have worked hard for decades, were subjected to a process of dissolution. The released junta figures and the groups that sanctify the state adopted a religious-conservative identity. It is, of course, not a coincidence that the religious bureaucrats in Turkey and Egypt were discharged from public offices at the same time. The dissolution process works similarly in Turkey and Egypt. What is interesting is that the dissolution is being performed by religious figures. If this had been done by the secularists, the process would have been violent. Those who perform the dissolution in Turkey and Egypt are political groups with an Islamist past or circles that show their strong ambitions for power by displaying their religious identity. Even though it seems that the dissolution process targets a certain group in Turkey, all religious groups are under the spotlight. Other communities and even the AK Party will be next. While there is a general and systematic process of dissolution against the Islamic groups and movements in the entire region, we are dealing with each other. It should be underlined that the dissolution is not being performed despite the existence of the global powers and forces. We actually deserve such a disaster because of our ignorance.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman