Galatasaray’s assistant coach Pin: We are determined to get advantageous score

ISTANBUL: One of Turkey’s football giants Galatasary’s assistant coach Gabriele Pin said at the press conference on Tuesday that the team is in a very good mood due to the victory with Fenerbahce and they want to use this advantage to get the necessary score at the Champions League (CL) Group D match with German side Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday.

Lions’ Italian coach Cesare Prandelli who has caught cold few days ago missed the pre-match press conference but in place of him, his assistant Pin and captain player Hamit Altıntop came up before fourth estate to answer the questions. “We will play a very important match for us. We have gained a significant victory against Fenerbahce few days ago which affected the morale of the team very positively. We are in our highest mood. We are moving forward our success step by step at each and every match. I hope it will go well tomorrow as well” Pin stated at the conference.

Gabriele Pin also added that their previous CL match with Arsenal was a turning-point for them and each team member got his lesson from that failure. “We have learnt from that match something important. The mentality of the team matters really. We are working hard every they and we are now more clamped together for the success,” Pin said.

Answering a reporters’ question such as “Your team seems a disadvantage on the paper against Borrusia Dortmund. How will it affect you?” experienced coach underscored that they are aware of their rival’s strength.

Playing against a team like Dortmund is a prestige even for the rival. We want to play our game. We are determined to gain an advantageous score for us,” Prandelli’s assistant added.


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