Fujitsu picks Turkey among top 10 priority markets

Leading Japanese technology firm Fujitsu has named Turkey among its top 10 target markets to expand in, citing services and IT solutions as its major focus areas in the country.
The Japanese companyand’s newly appointed chairwoman, Selda Baidat Bahadir, told a press conference in Ankara on Tuesday that the firm sought to facilitate Turkish growth potential in technology, basically driven by a large young population.
Bahadir said Fujitsu sought to continue cooperation with Turkish public entities. She added that the firm also expected to transfer technologies developed in Japan for agriculture and animal husbandry to Turkey.
A Fujitsu project named andquotAkasia,andquot which applies cloud computing and sensor automation technology in agricultural production in Japan, is one of these projects.
The fact that Turkey has come under focus has driven Fujitsu Labs to intensify field studies to possibly make an RD investment in Turkey in cooperation with a local university.
andquotWe believe Japan will send funds required to make such investments,andquot Bahadir added. One of the 200 Japanese-owned businesses in Turkey, Fujitsu is the worldand’s fourth largest IT service provider firm.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman