France’s Opinionway research company announces methodology of its upcoming exit-poll in Azerbaijani elections

Baku: On Oct.29, Elchin Salmanov, the Center of Azerbaijan Youth Rights Protection, and Bruno Jeanbart, Vice-President of France’s Opinionway Sociological Research Institute, held a join press conference in Baku.

Salmanov said that the Center of Azerbaijan Youth Rights Protection and France’s Opinionway Sociological Research Institute will hold a joint exit-poll during the parliamentary elections to be held on Nov.1.

The exit-poll will be held at 210 polling stations on 118 constituencies, he said.

“Opinionway will provide methodological support during the exit-poll, and the Azerbaijani Center will carry out organizational activities,” he added.

Jeanbart said that Opinionway company has been holding exit-polls for more than 15 years and cooperating with the French TV channels.

Opinionway conducted exit-polls in Greece, Iceland and Canada and it is also known as a research company around the world, he said.

Jeanbart said that the exit-poll will be held at two polling stations on each constituency.

“The polling stations were selected based on voter turnout in the last presidential and parliamentary elections. Four questions will be given to respondents during the exit-poll. The question will be about whom they voted for, age, education and gender. Questions are needed to determine the profile of the voters,” he added.

Jeanbart noted that the results of the exit poll will be compared with the results of the last parliamentary elections.

“We expect more than 10,000 voters to take part in the exit poll to be held on November 1. We expect 70-80 per cent of the results to coincide with the official results. Results of the exit poll will be announced at 8:30PM, an hour and half after the end of voting.”

On October 20, CEC considered the appeal of the Center of Azerbaijan Youth Rights Protection for holding an exit poll along with Opinionway Sociological Research Institute (France) and approved it.